Increasing operational efficiency: President Lukashenko instructs law enforcement bodies

Increasing operational efficiency: President Lukashenko instructs law enforcement bodies

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko held two important meetings. The issues of justice comfort of the community and good order as a guarantor of Belarus’ development were discussed. This is the brand identity of Belarus. It is not by chance that it was decided to hold the summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Minsk. To ensure security of a country and in a country is everybody’s responsibility. However, law enforcement bodies do it professionally. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized, that in this case the law must be obeyed stringently.

Belarus is in the list of top ten most secure countries. This is the merit of all Belarusian law enforcement bodies. Representatives of the Interior Ministry, Belarus Committee of State Security, and the Public Prosecution Office, the Investigative Committee, the Ministry of Emergency situations and courts were invited for a discussion at the Independence Palace in Minsk. As many as 260 people attended the meeting.

The crime rate in Belarus went down nearly by half in the last ten years; the crime detection rate is increasing. Good results can be seen in the world rating of law supremacy. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands are in the top five, Belarus is ahead of Russia and Ukraine.

The number of committed crimes and death tolls decreased by 4%. The crime detection rate is about 70%; the Customs have terminated more than 36,000 crimes. That’s on the one hand. On the other hand, the number of murders and assassination attempts has increased, every fourth murder or assassination attempt are due to domestic altercations. It’s obvious that work needs to be perfected. Primarily, it is necessary to exclude duplication and formalism. Preventive maintenance is another issue to be looked into. These are the main tasks.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Preventive maintenance must be practical and effective. I paid attention to this while considering Decree №3 on social dependency. Because an unemployed person is the future criminal. In 97% percent of cases.

The statistics prove this fact. As many as 80% of crimes are committed in a state of alcoholic intoxication. In most cases these people do not work. Preventing dependence means preventing crime. Optimization is payed due attention to as well.

Alexander Konyuk, General Prosecutor Officer of the Republic of Belarus:
I am reducing the central administrative office. The same task is set for the regional prosecutors.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As for the optimization of prosecution offices, you are absolutely right. There is hardly anything to optimize in district prosecution offices. The main thing is to optimize their actions.

The task of optimizing was set for the whole previous year for all the law enforcement bodies. But optimization should be considerate. It is not fashion and it’s not a rundown. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized several times that individual approach must be taken.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Optimization mustn’t be undertaken in offices. On no account. I mean in places of local authorities, to talk to people, especially with those, who work there. Optimization doesn’t mean reduction of staff. Be very careful in this case.

Every law enforcement body has a position of its own. The Investigative Committee is for reductions. However, it is for cost reductions. The traffic police have a view of their own.

Speed measurement equipment has simplified the work of waywardens a lot.

Andrey Kolesnik, Chief Inspector of State Traffic Police Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee:
Modern speed measurement equipment does not only measure the speed, but also checks the vehicle through all the databases, and identifies the driver.

As a result of the big talk, directions have been given to every law enforcement body. The main aim is to increase the effectiveness of work. The Committee of State Security needs to concentrate on defining threats to national security, rather than on the control of subordinate organizations. Prosecutor officers need to take an objective and professional approach to their work. The Investigative Committee will have to get the electronic document flow going. Information system development is to be carried out in courts. The Interior Ministry needs to pay due attention to the style and methods of their work. The Frontier Service needs to increase the level of their operation activities.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It won’t do when border control becomes a stressful trial for people. I was told about the children’s sports team, which was travelling back to Belarus from Vilnius, and had to stand at the Kamenny Log checkpoint from 7 pm on Sunday till 5am on Monday of December the 5th. What kind of attitude towards people is that then? Children are returning back home, and they had to stay in the queue for the entire night.

At the end of the meeting Alexander Lukashenko said that there is a result, but Belarus needs to move on. It is better to deal with the causes of crimes, rather than with their consequences. Then Belarusians will continue valuing the very luxury of feeling safe in the streets. For many years to come.

Photo taken from the Official Internet Portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus.