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Decree No3 to be postponed in Belarus

Decree No3 (Decree "On prevention of social dependency”) won’t be canceled, but there will be no need to pay the social tax in 2017. This and other matters were mentioned at the Belarusian President’s meeting dedicated to topical aspects of Belarus’ development.

Those who have already paid the tax won’t have to pay it in the next 12 months.

But if a person finds a job and it is registered in the employment work book in 2017, than the payment will be returned to this person. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has also criticized the work of Belarusian civil servants in the execution of the Decree “On prevention of social dependency”. The document needs to be looked into more thoroughly. Adjusted and real lists of Minsk region citizens who do not take part in financing government expenditures should be made by October 1, 2017.

People are unsatisfied; a lot of them do not want to work. But this respite will give them time to think, find a job and to avoid paying the tax.

It is a chance for the younger generation to find a job, a way out of this situation. In order not to be out of work.

The methods of working with people who do not take part in financing government expenditures will remain unchanged. Local councils and district executive committees will reserve the right to take individual approach to every life situation and to cancel the tax in certain cases.

Decree № 3 to be adjourned