Belarus President: Preventive work should be practical and effective


Belarus President: Preventive work should be practical and effective

The law enforcement system in Belarus should be as effective and optimal as possible, said President Alexander Lukashenko on March 10 at a meeting to review the operation of law enforcement agencies in 2016 and optimization of the law enforcement and judicial system.

Invited at the meeting were more than 250 participants.

Over the past 10 years, crime in Belarus has fallen by almost half. This is a good result.

Belarus has improved its positions in global ratings on rule of law and combating corruption, and is already ahead of not only some CIS countries, but also a number of European nations.

However, the President noted that the successful operation of law enforcement agencies should continue and further improvement should go at an accelerated pace.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Especially I would like to emphasize the issue of prevention. And please note that it is not preventive measures we know from Soviet times. Then these were mere conversations. You know, maybe that was enough in that mighty empire. However, as it turned out later, is was clearly insufficient. Preventive work must be practical and effective. Yesterday I considering the topical issues of the functioning of our state, I paid attention to decree number 3 on social dependency. And I said that it was this very decree that is aimed at preventing. This is a powerful preventive effect. I paid attention of our interior minister primarily to this issue. Why? Because the unemployed person is the future offender. In 97% percent of cases. Everyone wants to eat so he wants to get this food by all means. Therefore, we need to turn on all our mechanisms to carry out this preventive work, to prevent crimes in the future. These are not only our conversations and admonitions. We of course learned to talk but that's not enough. We came and talked and did not even find out what was the effect of this conversation.

In general, changes in the law enforcement and judicial systems have resulted in positive trends. Detection of crimes in the country is growing. In the case of serious and very serious crimes, it reaches almost 90%. At the same time the number of deaths as a result of crimes is decreasing.

Stanislav Zas, State Secretary of Security Council of the Republic of Belarus:
The crime rate per 100,000 capita (it is only a qualitative indicator) has been declining for a number of years and now stands at 979 crimes per 100,000 population. For comparison, it is much better than in Russia, Kazakhstan, not to mention Ukraine and several other states. A 15% reduction in the number of documentary checks carried out by financial investigations agencies led to an almost threefold increase in budget revenues to reach BYN150 million.

The main requirements for the police and judges remain the same - the suppression of anti-social manifestations, the rule of law and the inadmissibility of bringing innocent persons to justice.