Belarus' Education Code to be amended

Belarus' Education Code to be amended

The duration of the academic year for graduate classes will decrease, and elective classes on Saturday will be available already for fifth graders.

These and other changes are planned to be introduced in the Education Code. They were discussed on March 9 at the Belarusian parliament.

It is planned to reduce the number of types of educational establishments and increase class size to 30 students.

Vadim Bogush, first Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
There are ongoing issues too. These are primarily issues related to updating the content of educational programs.

Igor Marzalyuk, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Culture and Science of the House of Representatives of the Belarusian National Assembly:
Education Code is to create maximum assistance to improve the quality of training and pupils and students and benefit those who work in the system of secondary and high school.

Draft Code of education was submitted for public discussion on 9 March. It is planned that it will be considered in the first reading at the autumn session of the Belarusian parliament.