Alexander Lukashenko: There will be no Maidan in Belarus


Alexander Lukashenko: There will be no Maidan in Belarus

Relations with Russia, employment policy and the decree on social dependency were discussed on March 9 at the meeting hosted by President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.


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In particular, the Belarus President mentioned the current protests being held in many parts of the country because of the decree on social parasitism (decree No3).

The President instructed to provide all the unemployed with a job and drew attention to the dialogue with the public authorities, which must be civilized.

To do this, the authorities must identify places where people will openly express their opinions and interact with officials, but responsibility for the violation must be tough.

Belarus will not repeat the Ukrainian events on the Maidan, Alexander Lukashenko stressed.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Some say: I came to protest and will do it again. We can't forbid it. Determine squares in each town where people can come and express their views. Heads of the power vertical will be waiting for them there.

You know that our "Maidan-infected" activists went to Kiev to look there for the same "Maidan-infected" organizers. You know that these people will be cannon fodder. They do not go there with political slogans. They will find 10-20 professionals who opened fire in Kiev. When blood is spilled, then there is trouble. Therefore, we must work to prevent this. I say this publicly. And if those whom we released from prison don't understand this, they should be returned there.

Once again I want to repeat that we are not against marches and demonstrations. To express their views people should also be given a place, like it is done in the developed countries of the West. Let them come there and express their opinions. And if they called their chief there, he must be there. And God forbid someone offends this chief. The police must notice this and take the most severe measures.

We must learn to engage in dialogue with the people, but there must be a most severe responsibility for violations. Curb every attempt. It does not apply to people who want to draw attention to themselves and are caught in a difficult life situation.

We need to identify these provocateurs. And they need to be held accountable. Maidan in Belarus will not take place. Stop thinking about it and talking. There are no prerequisites for this.

Alexander Lukashenko also reminded about the goal to make the average salary in Belarus about $500 by the end of 2017 and the need to maintain strict performance discipline.