Social dependency fee payments delayed until 2018 on Belarus President's order

Social dependency fee payments delayed until 2018 on Belarus President's order

Stability and peace in society remain the most important values ​​for Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko on March 9 raised the most resonant topic for Belarusians. Including decree number 3 on social dependency.

It is not going to be cancelled but people will not have to pay for it. The President announced a number of decisions relating to this document.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Decree number 3 on social dependency is an ideological, moral decree. The state will not get big money from it. The purpose of this decree is to get to work those who should and who can. How could you shift the organization and execution of the decree on tax authorities, who did not find any other choice but to send fee payment notices to all people listed as unemployed? Each chairman of the district executive committee, heads of administrations of cities and district administrations - it is primarily their job. Governors and the mayor of Minsk need to control it. You should have the lists of these idlers who must be made to work. Don't touch honest people.

By April 1, determine the list of those who should bear the responsibility for the activities of the state, that is, to make these payments. The lists must be verified. It's necessary to attract everyone - local councils of deputies, the police, the district authorities and secret services - do anything but make these lists. They should lie on the table of each chairman of city and district executive committee, heads of administrations in regional centers and the city of Minsk.

During 2017, don't collect this tax from the so-called social dependents, on whom we will compile lists in the first quarter. Who paid in 2016, will not have to pay in 2017 if they don't work. If they find work, we will return this money from the budget. Do you understand me? Those on the list who will continue to be idle by March 1, 2018 will have to pay this fee, but we need to tell them this in advance so that they pay BYN 10-15 rubles each month instead of paying BYN 200 or 300 at once.

Why were people displeased? Not even because you sent them these letters, it is not the main reason. The main reason is that people had to pay at once 300-400 rubles. And not everyone was ready for this. It's clear. It is a human desire, human reaction. Therefore, people need to know in the course of the year that they will have to pay or find a job.

All payments of these people, so that we are not criticized, should remain in local budgets, not regional, but district. And this money to the last penny must be allocated for children. Be it a kindergarten or an orphanage or just aid to someone. Solely on children. And God forbid you allocate a kopeck for other purposes - repair of roads, apartments and so on.

The Head of State criticized the way the document is being implemented. However, he noted that there are some positive results too. The labor market has invigorated, the unemployed started looking for jobs and people who hid incomes registered their activities and paid the fee.