Gas prices should not be basis of Belarusian-Russian relations, Alexander Lukashenko says

Gas prices should not be basis of Belarusian-Russian relations, Alexander Lukashenko says

National interests and protection of Belarus' domestic market are the main landmarks and the latest global trends, which are replacing global integration. This is shown primarily by Western countries: the United States and the EU. Belarus should take into account the new conditions in geopolitics.

On March 9, the President discussed the topical issues of further development of the country, including cooperation with Russia, Belarus' main partner in integration associations. Alexander Lukashenko answered all the questions that concern the society.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We are already frightened that we would buy natural gas at European prices. Like we will pay $200 instead of $150. Thus they want to say we are Russia's freeloaders and they show this is a gift to us. I do not want to delve into details, but Medvedev has to understand that if we pay for gas at European prices, there is then something he has to pay for too. And the price will be incredibly higher than the price of natural gas. I thought, and I still think (probably the vast majority of the Russian people and Russian citizens think and understand) that our relationship with Russia is not accounting. Bookkeeping and the price of natural gas, which does not belong to Medvedev, should not be the basis of our relations.

Much more lies at the heart of our relationships. And to evaluate these relationships, it is necessary to delve into the past, into the middle of the 20th century, when we lost a third of the population [in WWII - note by]. And if someone wants to escalate the situation and once again reproach us instead of addressing the issue, this will not work. But since we are here to address these oil and has relations, I want to put it simply:

Belarus does not want low prices for gas.

We do not need lower gas prices. First. We need the leadership of brotherly Russia to fulfill its obligations. According to the content and spirit. Second.

If we are building our union - we once planned to build a single state - then our people and businesses should have a level playing field in this market.

This is all we want, nothing else.

If some smart people out there think they can offend us all the time, they are mistaken.