Lyubov Cherkashina on Beauty Run in Minsk: We would like more such events


Lyubov Cherkashina on Beauty Run in Minsk: We would like more such events

The Beauty Run events was held in the center of Minsk on March 8, with women taking part in a festive athletic race. At the finish, they were all met with medals and flowers.

Participating in the race were both residents of Minsk and guests of the capital.

All in all, 2000 participants ran on that day.

Participants of the race:
Super! Great, just great. Emotions are excellent, right, girls?

Vadim Devyatovskiy, Chairman of the Belarusian Athletics Federation:
In addition to women from Minsk, running today are also representatives of 36 towns and villages, including from some western European countries.

Women could choose two distances: 2 and 5 kilometer races.

Viktoria Kushnir, participant of the race:
I would like to congratulate all the mothers, women, grandmothers, girls on this beautiful spring holiday.

Lyubov Cherkashina, senior coach of the national team of the Republic of Belarus in rhythmic gymnastics:
We would like to have more such runs, but 8 March happens only once a year. It is only on March 8, when such a concentration of beauty runs.

Svetlana Grigoryeva, a participant of the race:
This is a challenge to myself, to overcome my shyness. Call for victory, towards sport. Victory, sport and life - this is my motto!

Olga turned 20 today.

Olga Yarokhovich, participant of the race:
Everything around you motivates before the start, therefore I ran very easily, in a good mood.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
These races are gaining popularity in the unusual format.

Probably, it is primarily an indicator of how Belarus promotes healthy lifestyle.