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First "silent checkouts" open in Belarus

The first “silent tills” were opened in Minsk. Cashiers with hearing disabilities started their work in Minsk shops. At the moment, the social project includes just two Minsk shops, where seven people with hearing disabilities found a job for themselves.

Nevertheless, it is planned that the number of “silent cashiers” will grow , including the possibility of them getting hired in the regions of Belarus.

By the way, the buyers stayed satisfied with the personnel, the level of service rate is high, and situations of misunderstanding do not occur.

Tatiana Polyanskaya, deputy personnel director of a trading network:
These cashier desks have been equipped with calculators, so that people can put in some prices and see them, in case there is a necessity for it. We have developed special tablets with questions, which the cashier may have to ask the buyer. For instance, “do you have a card”, “please, prepare the change”. Basically it's additional material, which helps the cashier with hearing disabilities to establish some kind of communication with the buyer.

First "silent tills" open in Belarus