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Combat readiness of Belarus' Armed Forces checked

Military security of Belarus. A comprehensive inspection of the Armed Forces has finished in Belarus. More than 30 military bases and forces were involved during the military exercises. Military air forces and air defense team were involved as well.

What is more, about three thousand people bound to military service recalled. The main idea of the inspection was to increase the level of military combat readiness and the ability to act as one under any circumstances. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus confirms that the exercises were carried out successfully.

Sergei Potapenko, Deputy Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Yesterday’s reservist officers, warrant officers and soldiers acted worthily. Being in charge of the military training, I am very pleased with the shown practical results. It can be said for sure, that reservist officers and soldiers can carry out any military task on defending Belarus.

The peculiarity of the inspection was its abruptness. A fast developing situation was created for the participants. This situation requested out of box thinking in solving field firing tasks, knowledge of arms and military hardware, and the ability to orientate swiftly under the conditions of time and information restriction.

Combat readiness of Belarus' Armed Forces checked