Who and why organizes protests against Decree No3 in Belarus?


Who and why organizes protests against Decree No3 in Belarus?

The network continues to discuss the special report and investigation "Call to a Friend". Our colleagues collected facts that explain who and why organizes protests in Belarus. Why opposition was represented by only one person at the recent so-called "Marches against Decree No3" and what did anarchists do at these marches? The report shows phone calls answering many questions.

The movie "Call to a Friend" not only comments on the supposedly "popular" marches against Decree number 3, but also reveals the price of such protests. We are not talking about price that the unemployed have to pay. These people exist too. But what is interesting is that ordinary Belarusians who really found themselves in a difficult life circumstances don't waste time protesting in the street, but go to local authorities, who may really help out.

Nikolai Statkevich, who has been already forgotten since 2010, has also found himself in a difficult situation. Obviously, he decided to make a political comeback. Moreover, he decided to do it independently thus betraying his fellow opposition members. Do these people really care about the well-being of ordinary Belarusians? What unity can we talk about? They are first of all interested in money. And now every man fights himself. And everyone wants to be the leader of protests. Here is what Statkevich says about his former ally of Anatoly Lebedko.

Nikolai Statkevich (on the phone with Alexander Smantser):
Well, I pulled this bugger from sh*t, placed next to myself and saved. But he then went against me, against the Congress, and so on. Well, I would push him into that sh*t even deeper! As they say, what I gave birth to you so I have the right to... And so on. To teach others not to do so! Damn, he decided to fight with me for leadership? Little bastard...

At the other end of the line is a criminal businessman, a man convicted for gang rape, Alexander Smantser. Nikolai Statkevich met with him in a Kyiv restaurant ahead of the protest. Coincidence? Perhaps, like the fact that during the protests we saw the same organization - anarchists - as during the Kiev Maidan. In contrast to others who came to protest, these guys are not afraid of hiding their faces. Perhaps too much has been done, huh? Or maybe they already know that those inspired by Ukraine will return? This is co-chairman of "Young Front" fighting in the battalion "Right sector". He does not even hide the fact that he is going to use his fighting skills in Belarus, too.

Co-chairman of "Young Front":
I advise you to wait for the right moment and prepare forces. I am confident that my experience and my help as well as help from all Belarusian volunteers in this war, will be useful to Belarus in the future. This is why we are here today.

Posts in forums:
In Ukraine, Maidan began with the same things. It's a shame that people just came to express their opinion but the opposition capitalized on this and tried to assume leadership.

Is Statkevich a hero? He does not want any Belarusian values other than money. Remember: all of these protests first of all mean income in the pocket of Statkevich. This gives financial benefits to all these persons, only a very limited number of them.

Piotr Petrovsky, political scientist:
Any transition of social protests into political ones do not solve the problem, but rock the boat and lead to such consequences that we have seen in Ukraine.

And in Ukraine, too, it all started with a romantic flavor of protests. It was later when anarchists, victims and blood appeared. And in Minsk, everything goes under the guise of ordinary people's good cause. To return from political wilderness and justify efforts to donors.