EEU Intergovernmental Council meeting starts in Bishkek


EEU Intergovernmental Council meeting starts in Bishkek

"Eurasian five", 2 days and 12 questions on agenda! Bishkek is preparing for a meeting of the EEU Intergovernmental Council. Belarus will be represented at the forum by the Prime Minister, Andrei Kobyakov.

The Heads of Government will discuss the removal of barriers to the development of the internal market of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), as well as more profitable ways to enter markets of third countries.

Oleg Ilyin, director of the Strategic and Economic Development Agency:
When an investor sees a big market - comparable to the EU market - of course, this is reflected in the revenue and volume of sales.

The agenda includes 12 issues, including the export of agricultural machinery and equipment produced in EEU countries.

The Heads of Government will decide on how to successfully sell products further abroad, beyond the EEU.

For example, Belarus' Gomselmash, thanks to the common economic space, will soon open an assembly plant in Kyrgyzstan, which in fact will act as the bulwark for sales and services in the whole region.

This agrarians from Uzbekistan will no longer have to order items from Belarus.

Igor Karatkevich, Deputy Director of the department of regional sales of Gomselmash:

The assembly facility in Kyrgyzstan will not only allow us to assemble and sell equipment in that country, but also expand into neighboring countries, third countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Iraq.

While today the volume of sales of our equipment in the Kyrgyz Republic amounts to about 100 units (in the last three years), then, taking into account sales in neighboring countries we could achieve significant growth.

The meeting participants will also give their forecasts regarding agribusiness and discuss the supply and demand for the main agricultural products.

The "Eurasian five" plans to discuss the elimination of obstacles to the development of the common market and import substitution when it comes to components. A number of bilateral meetings is also expected.