Belarus President: Investment in culture is investment in our future

Belarus President: Investment in culture is investment in our future

The cream of Belarusian creative intelligentsia gathered on March 6 at the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus. Here, works that claim to be the State Prize in literature, art and architecture were exhibited.

All in all, eight projects were nominated.

Among them is the play "The gray-haired legend" as well as works dedicated to the memory of the famous Pesnyary band front man Vladimir Mulyavin.

To get familiar with each of the eight works nominated was the personal initiative of the Belarus President.

Among the works is the musical Sophia of Halshany - a fusion of modernity and Belarusian history.

Vladimir Kondrusevich, composer:
This is the only musical, where I had to work with the librettists a long time. Many were somewhat offended, because I invited seven people, all of us worked, but it did not work out. Because there was no feeling behind. And they were not experienced enough to work in this genre.

A good script is a thorny issue of Belarusian cinema. Viewers are still waiting for a quality film. Vladimir Kondrusevich on the spot agreed to work on the future grand project. The President asked him to find and choose the best scenario.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I wish we shot something good. Maybe, historical, maybe modern. But something that would find the hearts of people. And not for ourselves. We, older people and authorities, will maybe pretend we love it but that will not work. If the youth loves it, that will be better. Especially young people.

Sculptural and architectural forms were represented by memorials on border themes.

Boris Krepak has created a series of books and albums on the life and works of Belarusian culture and art workers. The President immediately admitted that he had already read some of these books. Mikhail Pozdnyakov creates books for children with his grandchildren helping him. His favorite genres are poems and riddles.

The author even made a gift to the youngest son of the President.

Then the President took place in the auditorium. Having personally seen how high the level of modern culture of Belarus is, Alexander Lukashenko noted that those who deserve will always get support from the state. Regardless of who will win the State Prize.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It is good that you are keeping Belarusian opera, ballet, musicals at the highest level. We have seen today our laureates, writers. I always say that people come to such places without knowledge but leave inspired. That's how you must influence our society. Our youth really lacks it.

We always say we have wonderful young people. Yes, they are great but they are different now. It is not the youth we used to know 30 or even 20 years ago. These are different young people but they still should leave the theater inspired.

I am now convinced that we should not spare on culture.

I told you even in those distant times, when there was nothing to eat that we can always find money for art. But I have a different approach to this: money must be paid to those who deserve it. A lot of money must be paid to those who doubly deserves that.

This is our investment in the future.

And I can assure you that we will always find money for this. We can talk about many things today. I am very impressed with today's performance, which can also be easily nominated for state awards for its speed, technique and high skill. Thank you very much!