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Transport Ministry ready to assist low cost airlines in Belarus

There are no obstacles to the work of low cost airlines in Belarus and the Ministry of Transport is ready to contribute to their arrival, said Minister of Transport and Communications Anatoly Sivak March 6 at a press conference in Minsk.

"We have no reasons today not to welcome low costs. This is rather a problem of low cost companies, that they decide whether or not to fly to a particular destination for economic reasons," said the Minister.

According to him, for low cost flights to be effective, corresponding passenger traffic should be secured.

"Today, as I understand it, our route Minsk - Zhukovsky (airport near Moscow) is working according to low-cost principles. But if a particular carrier has a desire to open the route on low-cost principles I do not see any obstacles. Belarus does not have any legal obstacles for low cost companies. We will contribute to this, on the contrary," said Anatoly Sivak.


Transport Ministry ready to assist lowcost airlines in Belarus