Belarus sets up jewelry production

Belarus sets up jewelry production

It’s high time to choose stones. The production of diamonds for the jewelry industry has been set in Belarus. The grown diamonds have been presented to the public.

It will be the first time when synthesized precious stones are available at Belarusian jewelry market.

Belarusian celebrities were the first ones to appreciate the glitter of the jewels.

Laboratory-born diamonds are close to perfection when it comes to the clarity and light of the precious stones. They are grown in conditions which are identical with natural ones. Belarusian scientists developed the technology of synthesizing crystals as far back as the 1990’s.

This technology was perfected so mucc in the previous couple of years, that the production began to play out in a completely different way. Even a specialist with the naked eye won’t be able to distinguish a grown diamond from a natural one. Perhaps only in a laboratory. At the moment Belarus produces diamonds up to 2.5 carats. Their price is averagely twice less than the price of natural diamonds.

Maksim Bord, Director General of the company:
The Republic of China can mass produce technical diamonds today. It is pretty hard to compete with them, and we decided to take other routes.

Belarus produces diamonds which are more advanced and which could be used in the jewelry industry.

Natalia Kotkovets, Deputy Head of the Presidential Affairs Department of the Republic of Belarus:
Transparent, yellow, black and tawny coloured diamonds are produced in Belarus. Polished diamonds are real masterpieces; you can’t take your eyes off them.

The technology that Belarus has today makes it possible to produce jewels of a truly high quality.

There are only five companies worldwide which can boast of having such technology.

Belarus is to enter the diamond export market in the nearest future. Agreements have already been signed with India and the USA.