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Ruslan Alekhno studies opera singing from Andrea Bocelli in Italy

How often do you come to the native Belarus?

Ruslan Alekhno, signer:
I come to visit my parents once in 6 months. It is obvious that I miss them, my motherland, communication with Belarusian people, Belarusian cuisine. I like Belarusian cuisine a lot!

Ruslan, everyone remembers your victory at one of Russian shows. Since then, your career has been going higher and higher, and, eventually, you’ve got the Order for the Development of Russian Culture.

Ruslan Alekhno, singer:
It is nice when your work and efforts are noticed and appreciated in this way. When the phone rang and I was invited to the award presentation ceremony, I was surprised and thought that someone plays a joke on me. I couldn’t believe this is happening to me. It was too unexpected!

Your entire career goes along with positiveness. How to achieve such a positive effect?

Ruslan Alekhno, singer:

I just don’t need a PR practice associated with some kind of made-up stories. That is unnecessary!

Let’s go back to the town Bobruisk where your life story has started. Bobruisk was chosen to be the 2017 cultural capital of Belarus. Does it strike a chord in your heart?

Ruslan Alekhno, singer:
It is undoubtedly nice to think of. I can’t help but be proud of it. It is my homeland; it is the town where I was born, where even my career of a singer has started. I moved in Minsk only after a while. There’re lots of talented people in Bobruisk too.

I have a feeling of nostalgia, the awe inside me when I am in Belarus.

What is happening in your creative life now?

Ruslan Alekhno, singer:
There have been a lot of impressive and significant events over recent years. One of them is the participation in Odin v Odin (One to one - a Russian talent show based on the Spanish series Your Face Sounds Familiar - note by I had 32 transformations during two seasons. It was very interesting show which gave me the opportunity to open up.

I’m taking classes from opera singer Andrea Bocelli in Italy. Several songs are already finished. It is a new period in my creative life and a source of inspiration for me.

Ruslan Alekhno studies opera singing from Andrea Bocelli in Italy