Chronicler of two eras - Belarusian classic writer Ivan Shamyakin

Chronicler of two eras - Belarusian classic writer Ivan Shamyakin

He devoted himself to Belarusian literature during over 60 years and became one of the few writers who respectfully was called "a living classic writer." Let’s recall the outstanding master of stories Ivan Shamyakin.

His biography is full of interesting facts. Ivan Shamyakin was born in the small village of Karma, Gomel region.

The writer was left without parents early, and then, being just 20, he fought in World War II, taking part in battles from Murmansk to Berlin.

There, in Germany, he wrote his first short story Pomsta (Revenge) which was published in Minsk in 1949.

He wrote dozens of works which became best-sellers during Soviet times. For example, the most popular of them are Serca na daloni (The Heart on the Open Palm), Hlybokaja Plyn (Deep Streams), Handlarka i paet (Saleswoman and Poet), the pentology Tryvoznaje scascie (Restless Happiness).

Ivan Shamyakin was awarded with The USSR State Prize for his book Hlybokaja Plyn in 1951. A film of the same name based on the book was shot 10 years ago.

Ivan Shamyakin wrote 130 books overall. The famous novels Niepautornaja viasna (Unrepeatable Spring) and Slausya, Maria (Glory to Maria) were dedicated to his wife, Maria Filatauna. He met her in the fifth grade. They got married one year before the war began, and their daughter was born in 1941 whom Ivan had a chance to see only after the war.

The writer had a good taste among other things. His favorite element of the wardrobe was a tie - Ivan had more than a hundred of them.

The position of Shamyakin always obliged him to be dressed in his finest. He made a glittering career from a village schoolteacher to the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR thanks to his talent and diligence. Critics called him a chronicler of two eras - the Soviet and the post-Soviet one. That’s why today’s readers are still carried away by his amazing works.