Small farmsteads in Belarus: why do they attract tourists?


Small farmsteads in Belarus: why do they attract tourists?

The Minsk region retains its first place in farm tourism. The farmers of the farmsteads have an opportunity to not only show their hospitality, but also run a business in the village thanks to this. One of the largest farmers of the Minsk region has already decided to make his yard a place for tourists from the former Soviet republics and other countries.

17 years of work on several acres of farm fields have produced their effect.

Crop yields have gone up several times and the number of pigs, sheep and thoroughbred horses has risen.

Yury Karpilovich, head of the farmstead Volgotnoye in Minsk region:
As you can see, I have magnificent lands. I’ve got only 5 workers at the farm. I’m myself a general manager, tractor driver, livestock expert, etc. at once. I sell horses and ponies. I then sell wool to the plant where blankets and valenki (felt boots) are made.

Representatives of the fauna, hardly met in the populated areas, live several kilometers away from the capital of Belarus. Wild boars, wolves and ponies are a pretty rich "live collection" for the development of farm tourism.

There are lots of people from the region and Minsk who come to the farmstead to look at the unusual birds, ride horses and spend some pleasant time in the heart of nature.