Celebratory march in honour of the 100th anniversary of Belarusian police held in Minsk

Celebratory march in honour of the 100th anniversary of Belarusian police held in Minsk

Belarusian police marked its 100th anniversary on March 4, 2017. As many as 100 years ago, the first Chief of Minsk People’s Militia, which substituted the Russian Empire police after the February Revolution (the first of the two Russian revolutions in 1917),was appointed. This day is a celebration for the Belarusian law enforcement bodies. A lot of events were held in honour of the 100th anniversary. A monument to a policeman was opened, a feature film was presented, an anniversary medal and commemorative coins were struck, a big concert event was organized, and a parade dedicated to the event was held in Minsk for the first time.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Preserving traditions and gained experience, Belarusian law enforcement officers successfully keep up the law and order in Belarus. Today policemen have tremendous tasks of strengthening the status of Belarus as a secure state. Success here depends on the accuracy and the alignment of actions, on the ability to correctly analyze a situation and to make balanced decisions.

Belarus is proud of those, who cherish the honour of the regiment, being an example of personal respectability and integrity. Real professionals are valued here, who faithfully carry out their duty. Your vocation is to embody the best of human qualities as responsibility, courage, readiness to help at any moment. Congratulations on the Belarusian Police Day! Hooray!

A unique and the first in the history of sovereign Belarus police parade was held in Minsk. All together 17 detachments from different departments of the Belarusian Interior Ministry marched through Oktyabrskaya Square. Among them were cadets of the Academy of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus, Road Police units, and fighters of the Special Forces Unit “Almaz”.

The orchestra and drummers of the vocational school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus set the pace for the participants of the march; the spectators ensured good mood for the celebration.

Meanwhile, some law enforcement officers celebrated the 100th anniversary of Belarusian police on duty.

The work of the watch officers doesn’t stop for a second. But the only thing that reminds them of the celebration is the parade uniform they are wearing. But they also have a possibility to see the parade in Oktyabrskaya Square online. However, it is not the TV cameras that broadcast the picture for them; it is the street cameras that do it.

The parade unit of the canine team brings up the rear. This unit is twice as small as the other units, there are only 24 people marching. These guys don’t need rifles, guns, their weapons are dogs. In most cases German shepherds. This was the first public march for the four-footed policemen, rehearsals took place every day.

Dmitry and Zevs (Zeus) have been working together for seven years now. Not once had Zevs performed heroic deeds, but the primary specificity of his work is to find lost people or items by smell, even though he has to sometimes work in the dark and in mud.

Dmitry Yaroshuk, junior officer of the Brest Region Department of Internal Affairs task doghouse:
There are many situations when you have to find items as a pen or car keys. Or find a person by his odorprint.

What is more, the parade variant of police uniform was also presented by the dogs. However, this uniform has protective functions.

As many as 46 motor vehicles took part in the parade, making the atmosphere feel special. The entire car fleet of Belarusian police was out in its chronological order in Nezavisimosti Avenue. From the legendary veteran Moskvich (Soviet automobile brand) to the daunting armored assault novelties.

Representatives of the Road Police Special Unit “Strela” alerted the tribunes about the coming transport column by flashing blue lights on their motorbikes. Alexander Komissarov, Head of the Road Police Special Unit “Strela”, has been serving in the unit for almost 10 years now.

Alexander Komissarov, Head of the Road Police Special Unit “Strela” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
There aren’t many of us in Belarus. Because it is a very hard and responsible job. I am talking about the convoy driving of the heads of state and government, in particular. In this case motorbikes will be lined up a little bit differently. There’ll be nine motorbikes. In lay terms, the motorbikes will be going in a V-shape over a minimum distance from one another, literally at a hand’s cast.

At the word of his command the special unit motorcyclists line up. Years of practice. And even at the parade rehearsal, the fighters of the special unit saddled the iron horses in an absolute alignment.

After the celebratory march Lieutenant Colonel Komissarov and his team returned back to their everyday work, just as the other policemen did, who stay on duty even on their professional day.