Monument to policeman opened in Minsk

Monument to policeman opened in Minsk

On March 4, 2017 the 100th anniversary of Belarusian police was celebrated. And just before the celebration, on March 2, a monument to a 19th century Russian Empire policeman was opened. This was the very person who maintained order and kept an eye on the comfort of the citizens in streets.

The sculptural composition found its place in the historic town centre, nearby the Interior Affairs Museum. A new exhibition was also presented to the public on March 2, 2017. More than 11,000 showpieces were gathered beneath the same roof. The history of these showpieces is the history of Belarusian police.

Alexander Dranets, sculptor:
The monument to a policeman is part of the new exhibition. We cooperated with the Museum of Interior Affairs. The attributes on the sculpture are part of the attributes that are exhibited in the museum itself.

Igor Shunevich, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
We honour all the generations of law enforcement officers, who created today’s image of a policeman and of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a whole. Thanks to their work and life experience, which were never lost when fighting crime, peace and order are maintained in Belarus.

An important part of the exhibition is veteran cars. All the vehicles are in running condition.