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Five-day visa-free regime to be extended for health tourists?

The five-day visa-free regime for health tourists may be increased.

Oleg Stepaniuk, CTV:
The visa-free regime is valid for five days. Do you think that it is enough? May be this issue should be looked at more thoroughly?

Elena Plis, director of information and tourist center "Minsk":
At the current stage five days is more than enough, I think. A tourist will have time to get acquainted with Minsk (two-three days), and with the outskirts of the capital as well, or go to some place. They can visit the Historical and Cultural Complex “Stalin’s line”, Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is of great interest to tourists. At this stage five days is more than enough. But I think  the visa-free regime  term will be increased in the future.

At the moment the question of increasing the visa-free regime up to two weeks is being discussed.

This will concern health tourists. They will be able to come to Belarus and stay at health resorts, where tourists can get treatment and make use of medical services, which are so popular among foreigners visiting Belarus.

Introduced five-day visa-free regime to be increased for health tourists?