Business tourism to be developed in Minsk


Business tourism to be developed in Minsk

 Business tourism will be developed in Belarus capital Minsk.

Oleg Stepaniuk, CTV:
Different kinds of tourism are widespread all over the world (event tourism, health and nostalgic tourism). Do such kinds of tourisms exist in Minsk? May be there are interesting offers?

Elena Plis, director of information and tourist center "Minsk":
Recently, the stress is being made on the development of business tourism, seeing that the infrastructure permits to receive big delegations, conferences, symposiums.

All the necessary conditions have been created. Minsk has well-equipped conference halls, hotels, which are ready to receive these delegations.

The industry of entertainment is well-developed in Minsk. Stress is also made on the development of medical tourism, because Minsk has a well-equipped medical base. It permits tourists to receive medical aid at high standards. Tourists also come to Minsk for cosmetic purposes, and to transplant organs. People are quite satisfied with the prices of these services.

Stress is also made on event tourism.

These are sport, mass cultural events. Minsk hosted more than 70 international sports competitions in 2016. In 2017 Minsk is prepared to host 70-80 events. It is great when new annual festivals and events appear. Minsk citizens and tourists like them, because a special atmosphere is created. It will be the fifth time when the Upper Town in Minsk will be hosting musical events for tourists. On Saturdays and Sundays more and more people visit the Upper Town. Concerts, entertainment shows are held there. In 2017 Days of National Cultures are planned there, where visitors will be able to try different foods and enjoy dancing.