Belarus business ladies to get more possibilities for business development

Belarus business ladies to get more possibilities for business development

Business ladies will get more possibilities to develop their business in Belarus. The third Belarusian bank has already joined the Women in Business programme , conducted by the European Bank. The total amount of allocated credit funds for Belarus in this programme is ten million dollars. The money will go towards financing small and medium businesses directed by women.

Within the framework of the initiative, apart from financial support, business ladies can count on consultations of business experts.

Olga Kuznetsova, lead manager of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:
We can help women in business, hire outside consultants. What is more, a series of trainings is being held for the improvement of business skills. It can be either financial management or digital marketing.

Dmitry Krasovsky, Deputy Director of the Department of Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus has already created several products. To lend assistance to businesswomen, this subject is actively being developed.

Special conditions of cash management services and different kinds of low-interest landings will help business ladies to take an elegant approach towards business.

Tatiana Balandina, director of a leasing company:
Certain liberalization plays its role. Once again, different instruments on the market are offered, there are many learning-based programmes, programmes that are especially for women. If somebody has glare and a wish to do something, there is always a possibility for it.

Olga Tsarun, cofounder of a private company:
Belarusian business is very tasty. The production, which has now been working since 2008, is big. The Bank has helped us a lot financially in opening a coffee shop. In deed women are pushy. Business prospers at plants, where women are in charge.

This programme works in 16 countries. More than 100 women in Belarus have already joined it. At the moment most of them are from Minsk. The economic activity of businesswomen in Belarus regions is planned to be developed in the future.