Some 50% of Belarus population trust law enforcement bodies

Some 50% of Belarus population trust law enforcement bodies

Deputy Interior Minister of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Kobrusev took part in the TV programme Simple Questions with Egor Khrustalev.

You won’t start denying that even the most virulent critic of law enforcement bodies will become the biggest fan of police, when it comes to meeting and staying one to one with a bandit in a dark entrance to a block of flats. Nevertheless, nowhere in the world, I suppose, citizens will love their police 100%. And these are internal ratings, the profession of a laws enforcement officer will in any case yield to the profession of a teacher or a builder, for instance. No matter which way you look at it. It is human nature; law enforcement bodies play a significant role. However, those who want to work in the police, don’t they have any illusions about it? That they won’t always be appreciated?

Alexander Kobrusev, Deputy Interior Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
I agree that we won’t reach the 100%, because Belarusian police take remedial actions towards those, who break the law. And of course, there will be unsatisfied people. But I won’t agree with the rating that being a policeman is less popular than other professions. According to independent surveys, more than 50% of the Belarusian population trust law enforcement bodies.

This percentage is significantly higher in villages and stands at 60%.

This is the survey that considers service in the police to be prestigious. With no doubt, being a policeman is a hard job. And any person who decides to enter police service is a person who goes through strict selection, including psychological selection, in order to be prepared for the negativity that lies ahead of him.

Nevertheless, the job of a policeman also gives a possibility to get professional satisfaction.

There are many examples of this. I faced some of them. When a person, who was once registered with the police or came under their view at the age of 10-15, comes to a children’s officer after graduating from a university or reaching success in other spheres, he then tells the inspector: “Thank you for drawing your attention onto me at the right moment. You took me by the hand.” Yes, may be at that very moment this person’s attitude was bad towards this officer, he didn’t like him, but after a while this person thanks the inspector. I think that this gratitude is a heart-balm to law enforcement bodies. Policemen then understand that they have fulfilled their job.