Belarusian scientists breed new earthworm species

Belarusian scientists breed new earthworm species

There are 15 species of earthworms in Belarus. One of this species was bred by Belarusian scientists. These invertebrates play an important role in destruction of organic matters in soil and its enrichment with core plant food compounds. Besides, it is possible to derive most valuable organic manure called vermicompost thanks to the worms.

Belarusian scientists bred the new earthworm species for a year and a half.  For this purpose, they had to bring ringed worms from America, Europe, and Russia. Eventually, they managed to attain the necessary result.

These earthworms live five years, unlike the ordinary 2-year-living ones. The segmented worms can convert a ton of organic wastes to 600 kg of fertilizers. In fact, the worms’ biomass itself is very valuable.

Moreover, this biomass is used in cosmetology. It is added in creams, shampoos, lotions and other cosmetic products. In addition, ringed worms are widely applied in pharmacology. For example, different ointments for tetter, eczema, hives, anaphylaxis, burns, and varicose ulcer are produced based on this biomass.

It should be noted that other European countries do not create technologies of organic waste management and conversion with biological objects. But there is a department in Belarus that breeds earthworms and uses them for organic waste recycling. This practice is called vermitechnology. The developments of Belarusian scientists are widely applied in many industrial and agricultural spheres, in horticulture, and floriculture.