National Business Platform proposes model of Belarusian privatization

National Business Platform proposes model of Belarusian privatization

The National Business Platform has been presented in Minsk on 1 March. The project is a set of proposals to improve the business climate in Belarus. The program consists of more than 80 ideas.

In particular, businessmen support the provision of state support only on a competitive basis and reduce the tax burden.

Vladimir Karyagin, chairman of the National Confederation of Entrepreneurship:
Almost every item in this program benefits business. We have very serious proposals regarding asset management of companies. We also propose a model of Belarusian privatization, the creation of the Belarusian layer of private industrialists.

The Assembly of business circles unites business and government. Topical issues of Belarusian business are being discussed here.

Now one of the main tasks is to give more freedom to private initiative.

Work to liberalize business climate is already underway in Belarus: trade inspection will cease checks and will only monitor businesses, sanitary rules were significantly simplified, while small businesses will no longer by inspected by the Emergency Situations Ministry.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
Unnecessary checks, which lead to bad consequences, do not give businesses enough freedom and they need to be eliminated. Any check should anticipate violations rather than aim at revealing administrative violations and fining businesses.

Note, the Assembly of Business Circles is being for the eighteenth time. The forum is one of the central events of Belarusian Entrepreneurship Week.