Źmitrok Biadula: Pioneer of Belarusian literature

Źmitrok Biadula: Pioneer of Belarusian literature

Źmitrok Biadula is a Belarusian romantic poet, author of lyrics and short stories, prose writer, talented theatre critic, ethnography and folklore scholar. He is the writer who praised Belarusian people and enriched their culture. His son, Yafim Plaunic, recalls the pioneer of Belarusian literature.

After the beginning of WWII, the Plaunics was forced to move to the Kazakhstani city Uralsk. There Yafim saw his father for the last time. Źmitrok Biadula died of a heart attack near Uralsk during evacuation. Yafim with his mother Maria and sister Safia came back to Minsk in 1945.

Źmitrok always cared about his sisters. For a long time, he lived with them at 19 Rabkorauskaya Street in Minsk. His old friend Maksim Bahdanovich, another great Belarusian poet, came there on a visit in 1916-1917.

Źmitrok Biadula was very intelligent and well read and tried to share his knowledge with other people.

Beside his literary talent, he spoke seven languages fluently, played the violin and painted pictures.

Yafim always treated his father with great honor and respect. Though he did not follow his father’s footsteps and became an engineer, from time to time he expresses his thoughts through poetry.

He speaks about his works in a very humble way. And it is no wonder, when your father set the bar high.

Źmitrok Biadula will always be remembered as one of the greatest authors of Belarusian literature, as he was its outstanding originator.