Tourists' likes and dislikes about Belarus


Tourists' likes and dislikes about Belarus

What are tourists happy and unhappy with in Minsk?

Oleg Stepaniuk, CTV:
How well are foreign tourists informed about Minsk? What do they know about Belarus?

Elena Plis, director of information and tourist center "Minsk":
It would be good for them to be a bit more informed. Different activities are being carried out. Tourist potential of Minsk is actively promoted in social networks. Tourists come to the capital with various expectations. Some are interested in Belarusian architecture. Avenues are full of Stalinist buildings, there are many monuments of the Soviet period, left after the Great Patriotic War ( war between the USSR and Nazi Germany), projects of Langbard (was a Soviet Belarus architect and Honored Artist of the BSSR).

The Central Botanical Garden in Minsk enjoys big popularity as well.

The industry of activities for tourists is interesting for all categories of Minsk visitors. Both young and older people can find rest and entertainment to their liking.

Oleg Stepaniuk: 
What do tourists usually like in Minsk?

Elena Plis:
They like Belarusian girls and women. They like wide green avenues and streets. They like Stalinist buildings in the avenues. But quite often they are not satisfied with Belarusian service. Sometimes, restaurant staff is not that friendly or the quality of service in shops is poor. They say that Belarusians refuse to smile.