Minsk bus tours : learn more about the city


Minsk bus tours : learn more about the city

What tourist routes will get Minsk residents interested?

Elena Plis, director of information and tourist center "Minsk":
A project “Excursion Minsk” is available for Minsk residents. Excursion buses number 1 and 100 were designed in the same style. At the price of a bus ticket a person can go on a coach excursion at a set time (from 10 am to 5 pm or from 8 pm to 10 pm) and listen to it in the Russian, English, and the Belarusian languages.

Both routes are accompanied by an excursion dubbing.

Another project “Minsk City Tour” is available. It is an excursion on a red double-deck bus, where an audio guide is provided. There is another project “Open Minsk”. This time it’s a green double-deck bus, but with a guide working on it. The guide is Russian-speaking, and excursions  are offered either down Nezavisimosti or Pobediteley Avenues, it’s all up to the tourist group. There are companies that offer general sightseeing tours of Minsk or getting acquainted with the city and its outskirts tours on a regular basis. The excursion routes offered to Minsk residents are diverse. Since recently, a bus departs every Sturday at 10 am for an industrial excursion.

And every Saturday at 10 am this bus departs for the OJSC “Belaz-Holding” (a major world manufacturer of mining dump trucks and other heavy vehicles).

First of all minibuses made trips there, now buses a starting to run, because people enjoy it. The principle of the grapevine begins to work. People enjoy such excursions, they tell their friend about them, their neighbors, who then with great pleasure go on excursions.