Up to 700,000 tourists visit Minsk annually


Up to 700,000 tourists visit Minsk annually

How many foreigners visit Belarus capital?

Elena Plis, director of information and tourist center "Minsk":
Official statistics don’t look too promising, they count only those tourists, who come to the capital using travel agency excursion services. Taking into consideration the world tourist flow, some 80-85 % of the flow are individual tourists. They enter a country without travel agency services.

According to unofficial figures, about 600,000- 700,000 tourists visit Minsk annually.

Oleg Stepaniuk, CTV:
Probably it is not a big number in comparison with the neighboring capitals, is it? 

Elena Plis:
Yes, it is not such a big number, and there is still something to strive for. Nevertheless, all the possibilities for increasing the tourist flow have been created.