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Travel companies in Minsk developing English-language tours for travellers

Where can English-speaking tourists go in Belarus? The TV program Big City asked Elena Plis, director of tourist and information center Minsk.

Elena Plis, director of tourist and information center Minsk:
Agencies in the capital have joined very actively and are now developing new programs of excursions, including in English. There are companies that have developed a schedule of excursions for English-speaking groups until the end of the week.

There will be weekly excursions to our most famous castles in Mir and Nesvizh.

And there is an excursion to Dudutki. That is to say, tourists will have the opportunity to get acquainted with our original culture, try dishes of Belarusian cuisine. That is, everyone is working quite vigorously on all this. We developed more than 40 new excursions to offer tourists in Minsk. 

How many English-language tours are on offer in Minsk?