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Germans are the most frequent visa-free visitors to Belarus

Germans are the most frequent visitors to Belarus after the introduction of the visa-free regime on February 12, said Elena Plis, director of the information and tourist center "Minsk".

Elena Plis, director of information and tourist center "Minsk":
During such a short period of time, according to the airport and the state border authorities, over 1,000 foreigners entered Belarus visa-free.

Most of them are the citizens of Germany. In second place are tourists from Poland. Among others are Italians, the citizens of the UK and France.

The interest in Belarus has increased. And it's pleasing to hear foreign languages on our streets, in restaurants and museums.

Oleg Stepaniuk, CTV:
What number of tourists do you expect?

Elena Plis:

At the initial stage, we expect an increase of about 20%.

But I think that in the spring and summer, more people will visit Belarus visa-free. This includes individual travelers and those who go on business trips.

Germans are most frequent visa-free visitors to Belarus