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Russian citizen to be deported from Belarus on extremist grounds

A Russian citizen suspected of extremist activities has been detained in Belarus. The man was stopped when trying to illegally cross the state border of Belarus to Ukraine.

The incident occurred on February 14 at the area of ​​the Mozyr border detachment. As it turned out the offender, born in 1991, is a resident of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug of Russia. The young man had already had problems with the law earlier: for a number of crimes, he was several times tried in the Russian Federation.

Anton Bychkovsky, spokesman of the State Border Committee of Belarus:
There is information about his possible involvement in extremist and terrorist activities in Russia. The detainee was held under two articles of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus and he is facing a fine of 15 base units. A decision has been made to deport him and prohibit entry to Belarus for five years.

The Belarusian side decided on deportation. Now the offender is in a temporary detention facility. He will be handed to Russian law enforcement bodies in the near future.

Russian citizen to be deported from Belarus