Simplifying measures for Belarusian Business

Simplifying measures for Belarusian Business

Business liberalization. Trade inspectors are entering monitored mode, a moratorium on trade inspections came into force on 27 February, 2017. Meanwhile, the Entrepreneurship Week continues in Belarus.

On 27 February, 2017 a seminar “Entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship” was held all over Belarus.

All in all, it’s a course of lectures, when directors of private organizations share their experience in conducting a successful business.

Any business starts off with an idea. Its fulfilment is no less important. At times, there is not enough of practice for newcomers. Today experienced businessmen are ready to share their successful techniques with the youth.

An educative masterclass is behind the Entrepreneurship Week.

Just one day and more than a dozen of educational establishments. Business-gurus went to different parts of Belarus.

This is Minsk College of Business. Georgy Barkovsky is speaking in front of the students. His company has been cooperating with China for more than six years now; basically he is promoting Belarus-China relations. Alleviation of business climate would come in handy in this cooperation.

Georgy Barkovsky, representative of China’s Entrepreneurship Confederation, director and founder of a private provision of services company:
First of all, it is minimization of the necessary document flow. I think that it’s a question of time and we will definitely come to it.

For the private organizations to break free, a programme of optimizing inspection activities is being carried out in Belarus. A task group has been set up, all key ministries and authorities are involved.

It is not easy to find a common denominator.

First of all, work is carried out within the framework of the EU. It means that the borders are open, the flow of product, and not necessarily of good quality, is big. An optimal combination needs to be found. From the one hand, unwanted hardships for business aren’t necessary. But on the other, the market needs to be inspected and protected.

Viktor Nazarenko, Chairman of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus:
The procedure of product compliance assessment is very important. Certainly, it is difficult for small and medium-sized organizations to go through this procedure. So that’s why the aim today is to put the main compliance assessment responsibility onto importers, trade suppliers and manufacturers.

The principle of not disrupting the balance is supported where environment protections are on the scale.

A number of administrative procedures will be simplified. But private organization owners should be more responsible.

Iya Malkina, First Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus sees a specific reserve in the issue of minimizing the number of administrative procedures, carried out in hydro usage and waste management spheres, certain ideas have already been proposed. We are thinking of the possibility to limit a number of licensed activities. And we are working on the requirements, stated in the technical regulatory acts.

But activities on simplifying sanitary norms were carried out throughout the entire year. Life of public catering will be eased, but it won’t affect the safety norms of visitors.

Natalia Zhukova, deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitarian of the Republic of Belarus:
We have come to a conclusion that the emphasis should be made on responsibility, rather than on control. Everything that concerns epidemiologic safety remained in sanitary rules and norms. Strict requirements for personal sanitation, facility arrangement, and hot and cold water supply were left unchanged.

Among the members of task groups are businessmen themselves. Nikolai Martynov, for instance.

He is the most prominent businessmen of Belarus, known beyond the country’s borders. Today he is the director of the only leather and footwear holding in Belarus. You don’t have to tell him about all the ins and outs of improving a business.

Nikolai Martynov, General Director of a leather and footwear holding:
The process should be serious. But most importantly, it should be adjusted from all points of view and angles. And then these mechanisms and laws will work.

Spring is on its way. Besides the warming-up outside, alleviation of business climate is expected in Belarus.