Warm and humid weather for first week of spring in Belarus

Warm and humid weather for first week of spring in Belarus

Belarusians have a lot of superstitious beliefs about the incoming of Spring; the list of them can be simply endless. But unfortunately, even such forecasts do not always work well. Temperature surprises are not that uncommon in Belarus now.

The warmest Spring for Belarusians was in 1921. The average temperature of air warmed up to 10 degrees above zero. But in 1942 spring was unusually cold. The average temperature then didn’t go up any more than two degrees above zero.

Unique spring temperature records in Belarus were registered in two towns at once. Temperature meters were showing 34 degrees above zero in Brest, on the 22nd of May, 1892. A complete opposite was the 8th of March, 1964. This is the coldest spring day on record in Belarus so far. Just imagine, thermometers in Zhlobin were showing 38 degrees below zero. And that was on Women’s Day ( celebrated on the 8th of March).

Hopefully, this coming spring hasn’t prepared such surprises for the Belarusians.

March has always been a transition month from winter to spring. And that’s why it is so unpredictable. One moment the sun is shining, then it is either raining or everything is covered in snow.

The famous hurricane Havier of March 2013 is worth mentioning.

But the sunniest and warmest March was in 2007. The average temperature then reached 5 degrees above zero. Forecasters are saying that Belarus will be enjoying sunny and humid weather during the first week of spring. But anyway, don’t hide your winter clothes just yet. The first month of spring will bring changeable and broken weather.