Personnel reduction plans of Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs

Personnel reduction plans of Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus is planning staff reductions, which will touch upon all the subdivisions of the authority. This was stated by Interior Minister of the Republic of Belarus Igor Shunevich.

According to his words, in some departments as the Department of Migration and Citizenship, civil citizens can substitute people in uniform. And the function of the traffic police to register transport can be handed over to an outside agency.

The saved finances could go towards technical re-equipping. Minsk militia will soon be equipped with portable dashcams, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is planning to acquire a quadcopter in the near future. A drone will be tested. And if the minihelicopter distinguishes itself by good service, it will be purchased for several towns in Belarus.

Igor Shunevich, Internal Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
You know how lost people are searched for in forests today. The Internal Minister or the Chief of the Department of Internal Affairs gives orders to the Commander of internal military forces. He then drafts a military unit, we use service animals, and sometimes ask the Ministry of Emergency Situations or army men to help us with the necessary equipment. A quadcopter with appropriate technical equipment, a camera, thermal-imaging will let us find lost people more effectively in remote places. It doesn’t only concern people who lose their way or get lost. It also concerns tracing stolen vehicles.

Igor Shunevich also mentioned the pre-investigation check against Sergey Dankvert, the Head of Federal Service of the Russian Federation. A legal evaluation will be given to the materials later on.

But firm conclusions weren’t be made after internal ministry members get tested on lie detectors. The Minister assured that the militiamen who fail the honesty test won’t be sacked straight away. But these lie detectors can play a significant role when it comes to contract extension.