Minsk residents close ski season 2017


Minsk residents close ski season 2017

An entertaining ski race took place in the Belarusian capital on February 25. At the end of winter, the Minsk Ski Track competition gathered ski lovers and just those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Our correspondent Ekaterina Zhilyanina has the story.

Nikolai Zakharchenko is considered a veteran of the ski track.

Nikolai Zakharchenko, 90-year-old participant of Minsk Ski Track 2017:
Oh, I don't even remember how many times [I took part in this competition]... All my life I have spent with ski poles in my hands. I've been here on the track since 9 a.m.

Age under 90 is not a hindrance. Look at his form!

Nikolai Zakharchenko:
All my life I have been engaged in running and ski. I ran in 1980, from Brest to Minsk... I love running marathons. Today, it was a little hard, because I have too many clothes on me.

The snow on this ski track is in good condition in any weather. This is because it is artificial. A large amount of this snow was brought here at the beginning of the season. Many of the participants have long appreciated the quality of the ski track here.

It is not obligatory to be a professional to take part in such races. In the mass start, speed is not taken into account, so skills are not that important. Inventory can be rented. The most important thing is that prizes were given not only to winners.

The start list included over 2,000 people. To participate in the race, you simply needed to register. Each participant got medals at the finish line.

Teams of regional executive committees and security forces competed in relays.

The ski season in Belarus is coming to an end, so the most avid fans stayed on the track even long after the end of the competition.