Belarus invigorating business activity

Belarus invigorating business activity

Business Entrepreneurship Week has opened in Belarus. It is the second such "marathon" in support of business. It should be noted that conditions for doing business in Belarus are changing rapidly for the better. The latest initiative is to reduce the number of all kinds of checks. The Belarus President instructed the authorities to do so during the "big conversation" with the public and journalists. Let's watch the story on this topic.

Alexander Zhurkevich, creator of food service:
In our production, we use only local products, process them, we obtain a product with high added value. Our immediate task is to enter the Russian market.

In fact, an entrepreneur is a person who undertakes something. Here is my initiative: who could come up with an idea to offer the delivery of babka (Belarusian national potato dish)? Few could. This is what is called entrepreneurial spirit. This is what I am interested in and this is why I'm going to continue this work.

Increasingly, the business environment begins to use such neologisms as "start-up", "business incubator" and so on. But for the successful work of both businessmen and large enterprises, Belarus needs to get rid of archaisms. Among them are numerous excessive regulations and inspections. After all, they may destroy any business.

Nikolai Martynov, director general of a leather and shoe holding company:
Head of a workers' canteen needs to fill in 24 journals. This is not normal. To do this, we need to remove these supervisory inspections. Sanitation experts and firefighters... Some regulations date back to 1937.

The most active reforms are now underway at the Ministry of antimonopoly regulation. Trade Inspection will now switch to monitoring instead of conducting total checks.

Vladimir Koltovich, Minister of antitrust and trade of the Republic of Belarus:
Earlier the Trade Inspection checked only retail facilities. But thus it duplicated some functions related to sanitary and technical authorities. Today the main task of the Trade Inspection will be to monitor the compliance of price legislation in all sectors of the economy.

Moratorium on inspections was introduced in Belarus on February 27. It will last until the adoption of the Presidential Decree "On the improvement of control and surveillance activities."

Alexander Kalinin, chairman of the public association "Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs":
Any decrease in the number of checks will stimulate business activity. It's not even about the number of checks. Business suffers from their consequences, because we still have not legalized some points of Directive No4 which linked responsibility of a businessman with the severity of the offense.

Of course, the Belarus government is inclined to assist first of all big former Soviet enterprises. And it is clear why: there are tens of thousands of Belarusians' destinies behind these labor collectives. But small businesses should be helped too. Belarus is confidently striding into the group of developed countries. And in those, 60% of GDP is provided by the private sector.