Belarusian authority and business find common touch points

Belarusian authority and business find common touch points

A step forward. Belarusian authorities and business communities have been actively discussing the ways of business initiative liberation. Minimum control and responsible partnership. These ideas will propel Belarusian private companies to a new level of development. In turn, Belarusian authorities expect conscientious taxpaying and fair competition from businessmen.

Andrei Sidorov is a prominent businessmen. Some 200 people work in his organization, and the size of revenues in currency for the month has already gone beyond its millionth line. The number of orders and the overall production are being increased. Consequently, tax liabilities increase as well. The only things that stay unchanged are inspections and numerous administrative procedures,which are incomprehensible at times.

Andrei Sidorov,director of a private autohydraulic hoist manufacturing plant:
Permission of executive committees is needed for practically all kinds of things. Why can’t the owner decide himself what needs to be done? Administrative procedures need to be decreased to their minimum. Some of them should be canceled completely. Even if you need to chop down a tree on a particular territory, you need the executive committee’s permission.

But official establishments are making a step forward. Monitoring groups gather information about inspections, analyze all the ideas and appeals of businessmen. Businessmen won’t have to experience needless requirements and unnecessary inspections any longer.

Georgy Grits, Deputy Director for Science of the NASB System Analysis and Strategic Reserch Centre:
A consensus really needs to be found. And such actions as creation of conditions for national business, and administrative control relief can certainly be fulfilled. And it all needs to be done in the current year.

“To create conditions for business development”. This task was set by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. It is a guideline for executive committees. Businessmen were pleased to hear the news and are prepared to discuss it. Both authority and business understand that accepting thousands of regulatory acts every year, liberation of a business initiative is not possible without a common vision.

Relations between authority and business are a two-way street.

If authorities make a step towards businessmen, business in its turn should actively respond by faithfully paying tax, fulfilling all the relative agreements, and guaranteeing a high-quality product.

Olesya Denisova is a businesslady with a ten years’ seniority. She began sewing at home, and now welcomes clients in her own fashion studio. She says that if not for some circumstances,she could have developed her business a lot quicker. Tax optimization and accessible credit facilities is what can lead business to the next level.

Olesya Denisova, a business lady:
It would be wonderful to have some fringe benefits. I am not saying that I want to work without paying tax. I am prepared to work legally,to pay tax, but to pay what I have earnt. So that it would be following the results,rather than being ahead.

Valery Lovtsov makes business on business. Being a solicitor, he helps businessmen to make decisions in difficult juridical situations. Valery has already had time to evaluate the changes.

Valery Lovtsov,a solicitor:
To reconsider business liability rules. In the context of any article relating to economy. The gravity of contempt of law,all the possible losses incurred by the government need to be balanced with the gravity of punishment.

Neverthless, organizations hav already seen some changes. There is minimum control an maximum trust towards owners. Belarus climbed 13 positions up in the business climate rating last year, and took the 37th place.

Another friendly step towards businessmen is to bring the firm registration procedure down to its minimum.

Oleg Ilyin, Director of the Strategic and Economic Development Agency:
It takes up to two weeks to register a company in Belarus. Some investors from abroad want to register a firm and settle all issues in a period of five days. These changes would certainly produce a big effect, because more and more investors show interest in Belarus every year.

What is more, anyone can take part in this dialogue. The National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus turned into a real discussion platform. Here you can share your ideas before March 20,2017. The forthcoming week of Entrepreneurship will gather business and authority representatives. The main idea today is to move from common understanding to cooperation.