Results of public contest "Triumph. To Sports Heroes" announced


Results of public contest "Triumph. To Sports Heroes" announced

Results of the public contest “Triumph. To Sports Heroes” have been announced. Darya Domracheva and Vladislav Goncharov were named the best sportsmen of Belarus. These are the results of the public contest “Triumph.To Sports Heroes”.

Triumphators of Rio and other sportsmen are among the winners too. This was the first time when the sports achievements were judged over a two-year period. Internet users voted for the athletes as well.

Public contest “Triumph. To Sports Heroes” has once again gathered the best sportsmen of Belarus.

But there were relatively new names on the pedestal. Maria Mamoshuk, is a silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio. She had to struggle for her medal.

Maria Mamoshuk, a silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio:
I am very pleased that I battled through, that I have been recognized in this nomination, and that people voted for me and appreciated my achievements.

Another Belarusian sportsman showed excellent results in Rio. Igor Boky won five gold medals at the Paralympic Games in Brazil. What is more, such results  are now regular for him.

Igor Boky, an eleven-times Paralympic champion in swimming:
I am very grateful to receive this award. This statuette proves that a sportsmen really deserves it and he has achieved his best results.

Sambo wrestler Stepan Popov won in the “Brightest Moment” nomination . Belarusian biathlonist Darya Domracheva was awarded as well.

She is the best sportswoman of the two previous years.

Vladislav Goncharov is the best sportsman among men. He won the only gold medal for Belarus at the Olympics in Rio.

Awards were given in eight diferrent nominations. Internet users chose the best team, coach, sportsman and sportswoman. The rest were chosen by a jury. The period of time during which sportsmen’s achievements were assessed has been prolonged and now it is two years. This helped to see achievements of more sportsmen.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
Every sportsmen tried to show his best at the international sports arena, upheld the honour and dignity of Belarus. Belarusian sportsmen jumped through hoops and today they deserve to be praised.

It has been five years since the public contest “Triumph. To Sports Heroes” began. In 2008 it was made a tradition. In such a way Belarusian sportsmen are in full view of Belarus, and most importantly, of their fans.

Natalia Tsilinskaya, a bronze medalist of the Olympics,an eight-time World champion in track-cycling:
Every sportsman here has a possibility to wear a suit or a dress. It's beautiful and suits everyone. When a person is dressed nicely and walks in the street, everybody sees that it is him.

Belarusian stars performed in-between the awardings at the ceremony. The audience could also enjoy a spectacular choreographic show. And it once again proves that sports events are national events in Belarus.