Belarus women's national basketball team starts training camp


Belarus women's national basketball team starts training camp

Belarusian women's national basketball team has started its training camp at Raubichi sports complex. The team, which is guided by coach Natalia Trofimova, is far from being ideal.

At the moment the players of the internal championship are watched by the coaching staff.

Such experienced players as Victoria Gasper, Nataliya Rytsikova, and Svetlana Kudryashova are training together with young basketball players at Raubichi sports complex. Some other representatives of the Belarusian Championship couldn’t take part in the training camp due to health problems. They will be able to approve themselves during the training camp in May. Legionary players of Belarusian women's national basketball team are also expected to join the training camp at Raubichi complex.

The main team roster will gather just before the Europen Basketball Championship.

Natalia Trofimova, head coach of Belarusian women's national basketball team:
Everything will be clear just before the European Championship. It is possible that there’ll be injured players (we cannot let them play). Some will be in their best shape, and others will not.

So I wouldn’t say for sure that they will all be playing at the European Championship.

But it is more likely that these players will be a lot stronger than the players who play here. They play a lot more of strained games, and these games are better and stronger. So it is more likely that they will be in better shape.

The question of having an American ball handler in the team is still being discussed. But Natalia Trofimova is interested in having a strong professional player in the national team.

As concerns the current team camp, overall physical condition is focused on most of all.

Vadim Sashurin, a notable biathlonist of the past, helps Natalia Trofimova in achieving this. His methods seem too tough for some people, but girls in the team adjust to these methods and it doesn’t take long to see the results of this cooperation.