Freestyle Ski World Cup due in Belarus’ Raubichi February 25


Freestyle Ski World Cup due in Belarus’ Raubichi February 25

Raubichy holds the Freestyle Ski World Cup on February 25th. Despite the problem with snow, Raubichi runs championships in all weathers. As to freestyle skiing the snow blanket must be of one meter. If anything, snow making machines sort out the problem. The Belarusian Ski Community controls everything.

Andrey Astashevich, Raubichi chief manager:
We have enough snow and bare ice, which secures ski-jumps and the snow blanket. So I think everything should be without problems, as we are improving our organizational structure year by year.

The World Cup in Belarus takes 70 athletes of 12 countries. The Chinese team is very strong, with the leading athlete being Xu Mingtao. The Belarusian team has 10 athletes, including prizewinner Maxim Gustik and the American World Cup silver medalist Stanislav Gladchenko. Anton Kushnir is planning to participate in the Nevada World Championships in March.

Nicolai Kozeko, head coach of the Belarusian freestyle skiing team:
I think that the primary task is to participate in the World Championships. The second is the stability of jumps, and then the quality of jumps.

Hot tea, food, concerts and competitions are going to be there to make the show as comfortable as possible.