Aliaksandra Sasnovich, Belarusian tennis player: Interesting facts

Aliaksandra Sasnovich, Belarusian tennis player: Interesting facts

Aliaksandra Sasnovich is a Belarusian tennis player. After Victoria Azarenka’s maternity leave, Sasnovich became new leader of the Belarusian national team at the latest Fed Cup.

Aliaksandra admits that she likes playing at home, in Belarus, because here she feels great support.


Aliaksandra plays tennis thanks to her father

When the girl was 8 years old, her father, Alexander Sasnovich, brought her to a tennis club. He himself played tennis, unprofessionally though, in his teens, and because of this interest, Aliaksandra appeared on tennis court. When Sasnovich was 12, she took part in an international competition, after which she decided to play tennis professionally.

Now, father supports Aliaksandra in her carrier. He says that he tries not to comment on her playing technique, as it is the coach’s task. But if his daughter asks for advice, he will give it. Alexander is glad that he and his daughter are still close.


No friends on court

Aliaksandra says that she always tries to be friendly, but on court a victory is important to her, so it does not really matter, who is on the opposite side. Sasnovich said several times that she does not have friends on court; she has only acquaintances and colleagues. The girl believes that close friendship with other tennis players can be a problem, if they happen to play against each other. Aliaksandra has a lot of friends outside court, but “friendship in sport is a very peculiar issue.”  


Tomato talisman

During an interview, Aliaksandra mentioned that she has a talisman – a small tomato, which she bought in France. By the way, Sasha finds that country very pleasant.

She always tries to take her plasticine amulet along. Also, Aliaksandra and her father have special rituals before games, which are thought to bring luck.


Another me

Before a game, Aliaksandra tries to set herself up for good mood. On court she tries to support herself on her own. At that time it is like two people in one: Aliaksandra and the voice, which talks to her, encourages her. According to Sasha, this ‘another me’ “helps and directs her.” 


Relationship can wait

Aliaksandra is assured that relationships demand time. That is why for now the girl decided to sacrifice them to the sporting carrier. She knows that she is not alone, because she has her family and friends, who always support her. Aliaksandra is 22 years old and until she turns 26 she is not planning to enter into a relationship.

The athlete is sure that everything will take care of itself, and now she does not want to waste her time on affairs. Sasha takes her parents as a perfect example of a real relationship.


Hobbies and social networks

Aliaksandra likes to watch freestyle and biathlon. She said that it is more interesting to look at shooting skiers than at tennis players. Sometimes Sasha and her father go together to see games of the ice hockey club Dinamo Minsk.

The woman is fond of Paulo Coelho. She likes to listen to both foreign and Russian singers. Among foreign the most favorite are Rihanna and Katy Perry, among Russian are rock singer Zemfira, pop singer Elka, and rock group Mumiy Troll.

Aliaksandra shares her life on and outside court in social networks. More than 1,100 people follow her on Instagram. She created her account three months ago, and posts pictures of countries she has visited during her competitions, pictures of her training sessions and leisure time.

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