Belarus plans to attract over $700m of Chinese investment annually

Belarus plans to attract over $700m of Chinese investment annually

Belarus intends to annually attract more than $ 700 million in direct Chinese investment. This ambitious goal is realistic: now about hundreds of projects in various areas are in the pipeline between the business circles of the two countries.

Belarus has established close cooperation with 15 Chinese provinces.

However, the center of attraction of foreign companies in Belarus today is the Belarusian-Chinese industrial park Great Stone. It has already registered 8 residents, and 20 innovative companies are preparing to get this status. It is expected that they too will bring in additional capital to Belarus.

Tatiana Kharlap, deputy head of the investment cooperation department of Belarus' Ministry of Economy:
In 2016, we overcame the psychological barrier of $100 million in direct Chinese investment. But, unfortunately, it is the figure for the whole country. In view of the task to hit the $700 million mark these are not serious volumes. We focus on transition from simple credit cooperation to mutual direct investment and expansion of production capacities of Belarus and China.

By the way, Belarus was one of the first to support China's initiative to create an economic zone of the Silk Road. Today, the prospects of the project were discussed in Minsk. The meeting brought together more than 100 Sinologists, culture workers, historians, economists and teachers from the two countries.