Belarus starts second National Entrepreneurship Week

Belarus starts second National Entrepreneurship Week

The Second National Entrepreneurship Week starts in Belarus. The program of the large-scale business conversation includes over a hundred events.

The round-tables will bring together officials and private businessmen. The main task is to make a more comfortable business climate in the country and liberate business initiatives.

Andrey Fomin, manager of a private company for the production of steel pipes:
The most important problem for us is the high interest rates on loans in the Republic of Belarus. If these rates were at the level of the EU, it would greatly help us in developing our business.

Business will be heard. To give private businessmen more opportunities was one of the main instructions set by President Alexander Lukashenko.

The final of the Second Entrepreneurship Week will be a business assembly.

Viktor Margelov, chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship:
Today we must all change: society, authorities and entrepreneurs, so that we could meet the new challenges of life that we are facing. Work of the special business group established by the President aims at stimulation of business activities. We have already worked out about 40 issues.

A national business platform has been prepared. It includes more than 80 proposals and the development strategy until 2030.

It is planned that the document will become a kind of code, according to which officials and businessmen will act from now on.

Among the top issues for discussion is reducing the tax burden, simplification of administrative procedures and responsible partnership.

Vladimir Karyagin, chairman of the presidium of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers:
We propose to abandon the tax on profit if the entrepreneur allocated it to own development, so there is an additional investment opportunity. The state in turn gets a few advantages in investment activity. It is necessary to hurry up and work together, both in all regions and in all sectors.

The main task is to let business have more room to maneuver.

The first steps in this direction have already been made: there will be fewer checks and inspections and sanitary norms and regulations will be simplified so that people can start their business in an easier way.

Irina Kostevich, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
We have cut more than 30 administrative procedures. There are real proposals to reduce the number of activities subjected to licensing. Now the business is actively working on their part, there are many proposals regarding the simplification of a number of regulations.

During 2016, more than 9,000 businesses opened in Belarus.

The political will to change the business climate in the country is in place. So there is awareness that the duo of entrepreneurs and authorities must sound in economic unison.