Joint ice hockey championship of Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia possible?


Joint ice hockey championship of Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia possible?

Leaders of the hockey federations of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia and Israel attended the seminar on the development of hockey in the countries of the Eastern Group, which was organized by the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation under the auspices of the IIHF.

Those present were invited to adopt Belarus' experience in the development of ice hockey, the development of various scientific and teaching materials, the organization of training seminars for coaches of hockey schools at both the local and international level.

Sergei Goncharov, member of the IIHF Council, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Hockey Federation:
The main purpose of today's seminar is certainly the development of hockey. Especially because Yaroslav Zavgorodny, general secretary of the Belarus Ice Hockey Federation, is also a member of the IIHF's Youth Hockey Development Committee. We want to help all the neighboring countries, to share experience. Representatives of foreign federations present here are extremely positive about this initiative.

We are also working on the creation of a united championship, which would include teams from Latvia and Ukraine. In the future, we expect us to be joined by the teams of Lithuania and Poland, so the meeting of this level is a great opportunity for dialogue with our partners.