The famous Manneken Pis to wear Belarusian national costume

The famous Manneken Pis to wear Belarusian national costume

World celebrities wear Belarusian clothes too! The famous Manneken Pis is soon to be dressed in Belarusian national costume.

The new costume for the naked bronze statue was presented at the Belarusian Light Industry Concern on the 21st of February, 2017. A couple of Belarusian plants were working on the design of the new outfit for the Belgian sight.

The costume was sewn at the linen factory in Orsha, the shoes were made in Minsk, and the hat was made in Hoiniki. A miniature Slutsk belt (the Belarusian national relic, a symbol of the nation) finishes off the composition. The Manneken Pis will look posh and trendy in these clothes.

Alexander Yakovchits, Deputy Chairman of Belarusian Light Industry Concern: 
The costume was made in a unique copy. Historians say that the tradition of dressing up the statue into different costumes dates back to 1698. As from that time, more than 800 costumes are kept in a museum. The Belarusian national costume will also take its place of honor at the museum in Brussels after being on the statue for a certain period of time.

Changing the statue into different clothes is not only a tradition, but it is also a big celebration for Brussels residents. The Belgians will see the bronze statue in Belarusian national clothes fairly soon, on the 10th of March, 2017.

Designers took into consideration all the features of the figure and even the size of the statue. They have also taken into account that during some celebrations water is substituted by different drinks. So the costume was impregnated with a special chemical, which helps to preserve the material.