Electronic tour-guide of Brest to be developed

Electronic tour-guide of Brest to be developed

Investments into the future. A student of Brest State Technical University is to develop a unique tour-guide of his city, dedicated to Brest’s 1000th birthday. A mobile app will have a map with all historic sights of the city, including mysterious little-known ones, and you will also be able to find routes on this map, leading to these sights.

Igor Kandrashuk actively cooperates with historians. He was one of the youngest scientists among those, who were presenting their ideas at business incubator of Belarus Hi Tech Park on the 17th of February, 2017. All together there were ten of them. All the ideas were based on intelligent sensor design.

Igor Kondrashuk, student of Brest State Technical University:
This app will help a tourist choose an excursion, add or remove objects that a person needs, find memorial places of the city. All necessary information will be there.

Elena Dyubina, student of Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics:
This system is meant for pupils. There are theoretical materials and tasks after sections. A pupil can ask what a triangle is and the system will tell him everything it knows. It can also find some definitions or solve uncommon problems.

Vladimir Golenkov, Doctor of Engineering Science, professor:
As for the commercial component, it is obvious that in several years time intellectual technologies will dominate in information technologies. The level of complexity of some tasks is so high, that it is rather difficult to solve such problems without using intellectual methods or means.

Every scientist had only five minutes to speak about the innovation, its relevancy and commercial profit. All business ideas were estimated by representatives of business and science circles.

Such a competition was held for the first time. Within the framework of the 7th International Scientific Conference, more than 100 scientists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Iran and Latvia have gathered in Minsk to discuss issues regarding artificial intelligence.