Unique Belarusian agricultural equipment

Unique Belarusian agricultural equipment

New and unique agricultural equipment has been presented in Shuchin district, Belarus.

This equipment was designed in Belarus and has no parallel among former Soviet countries. The equipment will be tried out during the first month of the 2017 planting season. Farms and agroservices are actively preparing for the beginning of field works.

Grodno region

Dmitry Ostapuk, a young professional, is interested in all the newly developed agricultural machinery. The first planting season in his career will begin in just a month’s time. Some two years ago Dmitry graduated from the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy and now he is the chief engineer at an agricultural enterprise in Molodechno. He came to Shuchin district to gain some experience.

Dmitry Ostapuk, chief engineer of an agricultural enterprise:
If we plant everything timely, qualitatively and within the agrotechnical terms, then we will have a good harvest. And it will be our profit; it will be put aside for the years to come. The overhaul base and purchasing spare parts depend on this. As you give, you receive.

This hoeing plow is a Belarusian novelty and it has no parallel among the CIS countries. This equipment costs twice less than its foreign analogue, but doesn’t rank below in quality.

This equipment has a powerful double frame, but the most important things are disks, which can work any kind of soil. The productivity is high, the fuel burn has been reduced by half, and there are only advantages.

Generally, innovations are being actively implemented into agriculture today.

The Academy of Sciences of Belarus has already prepared new technologies for applying mineral fertilizers into the soil.

Sergey Yakovchik, Director General of the Scientific and Practical Centre for Agricultural Mechanization of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Master of Agriculture:
Belarus doesn’t stand still. New machinery for applying mineral fertilizers into the soil per unit area more accurately and for economizing these fertilizers is being developed.

A new approach towards maintenance work has also been taken. Improvement of old equipment is rather profitable, it’s cheaper and it prolongs the active life of a machine for decades.

Alexander Yuralevich, director of Shuchin repair works plant:
We’ve had a lot of work already. More than 30 fertilizer broadcasters and spray cans have been reconstructed at our plant this year.

Auto-parts are also in Shuchin. Apart from saving money on imports, Belarus is ready to export.

Leonid Marinich, the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Products of the Republic of Belarus:
According to specialists who carry out economic calculations of these actions, it turns out that a machine which carries out a complete set of repair works costs almost twice less rather than a new machine.

Belarusian plants of agroservice are multidisciplinary. Unlike Europe manufacturers, Belarusian plants are capable of developing technology for any kind of commercial farm unit. Therefore, Belarusian developments are in demand for their good price and quality in the export market.