Belarus decreases checks of businesses in search for economic growth

Belarus decreases checks of businesses in search for economic growth

Good news for Belarusian businesses. There will now be fewer checks of businesses and business administration principles will be simplified. Last week the Belarus President instructed the supervisory authorities to reduce the number of planned inspections. At the initiative of the head of state, a working group has been set up to restore order in this area and to eliminate unnecessary and frivolous demands of inspectors, who prevent business development in Belarus. The group consists of well-known businessmen and economic experts.

Andrei Karpunin, chairman of a club of finance directors:
1700 organizations and public authorities that have control and supervision functions interfere with business in Belarus, according to experts.

For instance, to open a franchise beauty salon in Belarus from scratch you will have to spend about a year. Obviously, the opening and doing business procedures in Belarus should be simplified.

It was counted that about 450 checks are held daily. Some are small and some are simply stupid.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Enough playing total control, it's time to reconsider approaches to its very essence. The main emphasis must be placed on the end result, rather than checks for the sake of checks. If a company pays taxes and no complaints have been filed, then there is no need to check it excessively. Let them do business. And do your business yourself. Before opening an enterprise you need to check everything and this is it. Based on the new standards. You do not have to go there repeatedly with all kinds of audits and inspections. Further, according to law, the top manager is responsible for everything. Should anything happen it is the top manager who is responsible.

Andrei Karpunin:
Instead of reducing the number of licensed types of businesses the state introduced twice more activities for which the license is required and eight times more activities that are subject to mandatory inclusion in registers.

Just to open a coffee shop, you need to go through about 12 administrative procedures. Desire alone is clearly not enough.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Some standards do not have clear logic. Take, for example, the requirements on the height of premises for cafes. From floor to ceiling, there must be at least 3 meters.
Another striking example. It turns out, eggs, meat, milk cannot be stored in a refrigerator together. You do not need to complicate things. Maybe someone does not know, but to prepare simple pancakes, some officials told me, our national Belorussian dish, restaurants need to have at least a few premises!Therefore, they have to cook pancakes and some other dishes of Belarusian cuisine from frozen half-finished foreign products!

The first steps have already been taken. In 2016, the Ministry of Antitrust and Trade together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Health conducted extensive work on the simplification of the business environment. They even developed "traffic rules" for the opening of the restaurant. And this is only the beginning.

Alexander Moroz, manager of a network of pizzerias and restaurants specializing on national cuisine:
Sanitary rules and regulations previously included a requirement regarding different rooms for the production of certain types of semi-finished products. At present, this requirement is simplified and separate production zones can be organized in restaurants.

By the way, not only the small business faces these problems. Managers of large enterprises also say that previous policy needs to be changed. Too many absurd things, they say. It affects cost.

Nikolai Martynov, director general of the leather and shoe holding:
Imagine: the head of a canteen must fill in 24 books a day. It is not okay when once a month or a week the sanitary services come and check the drain of water in the tap. No company is engaged in the purifying of this water. This is supplied to us by the Vodokanal state enterprise.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Belarus has begun to develop a new economy. The purpose of it is that we need to stimulate people to engage in own business. It is beneficial to everyone: to them, their families and the state. But remember that business is not easy.

The work of the expert group will continue. Concrete proposals will be elaborated by the end of Q1 2017.